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Instructional Course: UTI in neurogenic bladder after SCI.

Track 2
Saturday, September 5, 2020
2:00 PM - 3:30 PM
Auditorium - Track 2


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Prof Jean-Jeaques Wyndaele
Full Time Professor , Retired
University Antwerp Belgium

UTI in neurogenic bladder after SCI


UTI is amongst the most prevalent complications after SCI, both in the acute care as during follow up. The incidence of generalised infections originated from the lower urinary tract is much higher than in the general population. UTI creates many hazards for health and quality of life. In this course we aim to give an actual overview of what we know today of prevalence, causes, risk factors, ways to diagnose, ways to treat, ways to prevent together with more in debt knowledge about bacterial populations, antibiotic resistance, biofilm, use of microbiota.
Program 90 min
1. Welcome JJW 1 min
2. UTI incidence, prevalence, causes, risk factors clinical pictures JJW 20 min
3. Ways to diagnose, UTI SCI Basic Dataset KM 20 min
4. Ways to treat PJ 20 min
5. Case discussions Q/A 30 min
6. Take home messages
As we have 30 min for discussion Dr Anna Rapidi and Dr Liu Nanproposed to offer cases for discussion


Jean Jacques Wyndaele graduated as Bachelor Medical Sciences, Doctor in Medical Sciences-Surgery and Obstetrics, Specialist in Urology, PhD in Biomedical Science, Specialist in Rehabilitation, Second PhD in Urology Higher Education. Till his retirement in 2014, he worked as Full time Ordinary Professor and Chairman of Urology at University Antwerp (UA) and Antwerp University Hospital (UZA). He was the chair of the Animal and Clinical Research Lab of the Urological Department UA and UZA. He promoted 16 PhD Thesis’s and these doctors are working in different continents around the world and several hold academic senior positions. He continues scientific work in the field of SCI, bladder pain and functional urology. He is Fellow of the International Spinal Cord Society. He is member of many major international scientific groups. He is the actual chair of ESSIC, the International organisation for study of bladder pain syndrome. He is a past president of International Spinal Cord Society and the previous editor in chief of Spinal Cord and Spinal Cord Series & Cases. He is author of 373 publications in peer reviewed international and national journals, 94 editorials, 33 chapters in books and editor of 4 books.. He has been awarded several national and international prices, and is Grand Officer in the Order of the Crown Belgium.